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The renovations at the Otterburn Legion Auclair 121 have been ongoing since September 2020.  While taking advantage of the closure of our branch due to Covid, a small group of dedicated individuals combined their respective skills and experiences, but especially their time, to this worthwhile project.

The pictures that follows will provide insights on only a few of the phases of the renovations and highlight some of the components that were either improved, replaced, or refurbished.

The renovation team

Laura's Iphone 2037.JPG
Laura's Iphone 2726.JPG

The Women's Change Room

This is where it all began when a leak was discovered back in September 2020 that had caused damaged underneath the stairs and in this room. 

  • Removed  walls and floor contaminated by water

  • Dig outside foundation and repair cracked cement

  • Install new wood frame, vapor barrier, and drywall underneath the stairs and in the change room

  • Paint walls

  • Install new floor and mouldings

  • Install window covering

  • Re-install and fix wall unit

  • Install new love seats 

  • Decorate

Mobility Reduced Bathroom

This was a requirements for many years and a welcome addition to the main hall. 

  • Design and certify plans (architect seal required)

  • Obtain permit from the city

  • Demolish existing walls and doors 

  • Insulate exterior wall

  • Make a hole in the foundation wall for drain pipe

  • Make a hole in the woman's bathroom cement floor

  • Build frame for walls and ceiling

  • Install drywall and joints

  • Electrical wiring and connections

  • Paint walls and ceiling

  • Install mobility reduced toilet

  • Install counter, sink, and faucet

  • Install ceiling fan and heating unit

  • Install and paint mouldings

  • Build and install small closet in bathroom

  • Install hand dryer, mirror, paper dispenser, etc...)

IMG_1616 (1).JPG
Alain's Iphone 744.JPG

The Womans Bathroom

The new mobility reduced bathroom on the main floor required a connection to the building drainage pipe.  We had to demolish the woman's bathroom to make the connection which in turn resulted in the complete renovation of both basement bathrooms.  

  • Strips all walls and ceiling

  • Repair hole in the floor made for drain connection

  • Install new electrical circuits 

  • Install new pot lights in the ceiling

  • Redo all plumbing 

  • Install/repair drywall and paint

  • Install new floor 

  • Install/paint mouldings

  • Install new double drain vanity

  • Install Dyson hand dryer unit

  • Install new mirrors

  • Install new door


Note that this was the only component of the renovation that required the use of an external tradesman (in this case a plumber) 

The Bar


The old bar, while functional, was in dire need of a refresher. We wanted to make it accessible from all sides and make it much more inviting.  This is what was done:

  • Strip and demolish existing bar

  • Discard all non-required equipment

  • Custom build all bar wood components

  • Install new circuits/plugs to support lights and a brand new camera surveillance system

  • Install imitation rock cement tiles 

  • Replace all ceiling tiles

  • Install, stain, and varnish all bar wood components

  • Build and install Legion lighted sign and Auclair sign

  • Build and install lighted bottle unit

  • Purchase and install new fridge unit

  • Purchase and install new cabinet

  • Construct an aluminium can disposal system

  • Purchase and install a new ice maker

  • And much much more....

Laura's Iphone 2608.JPG

And who are these brave souls that dedicated their time to this project 

And a big thank you to the following individuals who contributed their time and efforts during the past 24 months:

Steve Upton

Tom Langton

Mathew Cowen

Kenny Young

Danny Montpetit

Robert Derry

Jean Lainesse

Debbie Hanney

Eric Green

Margaret Green

Paul Mitchell

Sandra Ewart

Mike Cowen

Elizabeth Donaldson

Cathy Prosser

Jean Derry

John McAleer

Lisa Rose Brillu

Graham Ewart

Sebastien Lavoie

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